Software doesn't start with code. It starts with a vision, an endgoal. But a one-liner isn't getting you anywhere. We help you to define your vision, and to make it actionable. We transform a simple (or complex) idea into a clear roadmap.

  • We start with defining your idea and vision. What do you want to achieve with the software? What is the goal? This is the basis of the software and without this, it's impossible to build good software.

  • To get clear on what features we need to build, we define them. We make a list of all the features we need to build, and we prioritize them. This way, we know exactly what we need to build and when.

  • The scope is the final result of the discovery phase. It's a clear overview of what we're going to build and when. This way, you know exactly what to expect and when.

  • There are always things that are low priority but important. We make sure we don't forget these things. We make a plan for the future, and give you advice for the future.


Theory only gets us so far, we need to make it tangible/visible. Before we write a single line of code, we design the entire product based on the discovery. We make this tangible by creating wireframes, mockups, and prototypes.

  • We know what to build, but how do we build software in a way that makes it easy for users to use the software? This is the phase where we dive into the end users and really understand what they need.

  • Wireframing happens both on paper and digital. Wireframing is the process of getting clear on the layout. We don't look at colors, fonts, or images. We just map out the user experience in visible form.

  • User Interface Design is the process of making the wireframes look good. We add colors, fonts, images, and all the other details. These designs are the basis for the development.

  • When prototyping, we make the design interactive. This way, you can see how the product would work and feel. Prototyping is mainly used to make the user journey clear. We use a tool called Figma to get the best results.


Lastly, we start building the product. Because we already took the previous 2 steps, we know exactly what we're building and how. This is the fase where you product starts to come alive. We build the product in small iterations, so you can see the progress and give feedback.

  • Frontend development is the part of the development that you see and interact with. We use modern technologies like React and Next.js to build scalable frontends.

  • The backend is the part that handles the logic and the data. We mostly build REST APIs with Go or Node.js. The backend makes sure the frontend has the data it needs and processes the data it gets.

  • An important aspect of development is testing. We simulate different users and different scenarios to make sure everything works as espected. We use technologies like playwright to build the testing scenarios.

  • We understand that your product needs to be available 24/7. Where we host your product depends on your specific use-case and is never locked. We can move your product to another hosting provider if needed without any problems.

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