What is a custom developed dashboard?

A custom developed dashboard is a web application that is specifically designed as a visual aid to support the specific needs and goals of your business. Unlike standard dashboards, which often provide a general set of data and features, a custom developed dashboard is designed to reflect the unique requirements, workflows, and KPIs of your business.

The flexibility of a custom developed dashboard is one of the greatest benefits. The layout, visualizations, and interactive features are specifically tailored to the desired functionality and needs of the user through a UX research. This ensures that you gain insights into your business, or can your business be digitally strengthened. Moreover, custom dashboards can be adapted as your business needs change, keeping them a dynamic and powerful tool to move your business forward.

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Why would you want a custom developed portal?

A custom developed dashboard can be a powerful tool for your business looking for improved insights and more efficient workflows. By displaying key KPIs in a clear and visually appealing way, businesses can make faster and more informed decisions. Moreover, these dashboards can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems, ensuring that the data is updated in real-time and overall process efficiency is increased.

A custom developed dashboard provides your business with the opportunity to optimize the visualization of your key performance indicators. By presenting the data in an intuitive and understandable way, you can quickly gain insights into your business performance. This allows you to respond more quickly to changes in the market and act proactively to achieve business objectives.

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    Comprehensive insights

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    Real-time monitoring

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    Customizable visualizations

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    Integrated workflows

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How does the process for developing a custom dashboard look like?

Every dashboard is different and cannot be predicted in advance. However, we have 3 phases that we go through. These phases ensure that there is no confusion about the end product.


In the discovery phase, we map out your wishes and brainstorm with you. We look at technical possibilities, user experiences, and create a roadmap.


After the discovery phase, we start with the design. Here we create a design that fits your wishes and needs. This design is the basis for the development of the dashboard.


When the design is approved, we start with the development of the dashboard. Here the design is converted into a working dashboard.

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